Keith Hardwick | Director of Operations & Partner
Keith Hardwick
Jerry Phillips | Director of HY & Partner
Jerry Phillips
Kate Moon | Director of Yoga
Kate Moon
Liz Wood | Director of Barre
Liz Wood


Karisa Galvano | Studio Manager [ Mount Pleasant ]
Karisa Galvano
Taylor Longbottom | Studio Manager [ West Ashley ]
Taylor Longbottom
Kelsey Young | Social Media & Operations
Kelsey Young
Becca Cook | Operations
Becca Cook

HY Coaches

Corey Skinner | HY Coach   [ VOTED 2018’s Top Male Instructor in Charleston by ClassPass ]
Corey Skinner
Eliza Gellman | HY Coach
Eliza Gellman
Taylor Sasser | HY Coach

Taylor Sasser
Cory Brown | HY Coach
Cory Brown
Brittany Corbin | HY Coach
Brittany Corbin

LO Coaches

Mary Ellett | LO Coach
Mary Ellett
Kelcey Esqueda | LO Coach
Kelcey Esqueda
Ashley Cox | LO Coach
Ashley Cox
Sam Goodman | LO Coach
Sam Goodman
Megan Dlouhy | LO Coach
Megan Dlouhy
Emily Bristol | LO Coach
Emily Bristol