I have spent my entire life enduring workouts and athletic training, and eventually your body changes but the results turn stagnant. HY LO is the first time that I have seen focused muscle groups really transform and define. I am thankful for an encouraging and welcoming environment, with coaches I respect and a staff that I adore. I talk about HY LO often and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Candice B.

I love the high energy, positive vibe at HYLO. All of the instructors are super knowledgeable and motivating. I love the music, the group fitness atmosphere, the challenges throughout the workout, and the philosophy behind HYLO fitness. It's different from other "boutique" gyms because they embrace a balanced approach to fitness with their high intensity and low instensity classes AND it's all physique style training, so you're not just getting in a great workout, burning fat, and increasing post-exercise oxygen consumption with HIIT training, but you also build muscle aesthetically and avoid overtraining the same body parts consistently. I love to add HYLO into my normal workout routine for a FUN way to challenge myself and stay in shape! :)

Larisa D.

It's rare that I write reviews but this place is so awesome, I had to. Having a fitness background and a degree in exercise science means I'm extra picky about my workouts. I don't take well to things like crossfit or HITT styles that ignore proper form and heart rate training. So imagine my surprise to find a local gym that offers all the amenities I LOVE (clean showers, lockers with locks, cool towels after the workout, etc) with all of the must have workout principals (heart rate training, core stabilaization training, strength training, recovery and flexibility training, and well educated/professional trainers)! The team at HYLO is awesome and they have the best customer service. I have been searching for a fitness home for nearly 6 years because I wasn't happy in the big box gyms and I finally found it. Thanks y'all for making me look forward to my workouts again!

Ashley B.

Love the HY & LO classes! The positive energy is also fantastic and appreciated.

Emma R.

I am OBSESSED with HYLO - it is my new FAVE THING to come and do!! I started back in November and it kicked my butt so much I could only make it once a week despite signing up for the UNLIMITED plan. But then I discovered 🙌ELIZA🙌 best coach/trainer/DJ ever- It’s her MUSIC that really sets the vibe for the class and then her energy is insane in the best possible way!! I also have to say that my girls KELSEY AND KARISA at the Front Desk are total ⭐️Rock Stars⭐️ They are the cutest always happy and they are the first beautiful people you get to see when you walk through the door. Happy to say I can now come 3x a week without dying and it’s helping my TENNIS game and body which needs this intense tune up before the summer gets here!!! Thanks Team HyLo!! 🙌♥️ y’all XOXO JZ


"HYLO fitness is THE best exercise experience and facility in the Charleston area hands down! From the staff and instructors to the intelligently designed workouts to the Sunday mimosas to friendships that are built...HYLO fitness truly is a fitness fam! Come check it out, you won’t regret it!"

Mallory S.

“Absolutely LOVE HYLO! I have never felt stronger and leaner, the facilities are always top notch, clean, and state of the art. The staff is a dream, so polite and helpful!”

Anastasia S.

"HYLO is incredible! The LO class with Liz was out of this world, making me feel muscles I had never felt before. She is a star! John Sam had a HY workout yesterday that blew my mind! The sculpt workout was unlike anything I have ever done! If you haven't tried the workouts out, you must! Also, the staff is so friendly and warm, it really is the whole package!"

Caitlin C.



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