Hot Power Yoga | Yoga Burn | Slow Flow | Candlelight Rejuvenation

[ all classes are heated to 90 degrees ]

Hot Power Yoga

In 50 minutes, invigorate your body from head to toe with this all encompassing practice of sun salutations, creative vinyasa style sequencing, balancing postures, backbends, and seated stretching. Each class is designed to give you a complete mind and body rejuvenation in our steamy 90 degree room beneath our infrared heating panels.

Yoga Burn

HYLO’s signature Yoga Burn class is where yoga meets fitness. Each 50 minute class begins with a portion of creative vinyasa yoga sequencing that will prepare your body for the burn portion of the class! Expect dynamic cardio segments, defining core movements, and a flow sequence designed with small weights to challenge and strengthen your body to its fullest potential. This class will leave you sweaty, empowered, and stronger than before.

Slow Flow

An all levels accessible class intended to center and ground. Expect a vinyasa style sequence slowed down to allow deeper access into postures and alignment. Great for beginners but still as challenging as you want to make it. This 50 minute class will allow you tap deeper into your senses and take you to your edge.

Candlelight Rejuvenation

This 50 minute class is just as the name implies – split into three segments, beginning with slow vinyasa style movement to warm the muscles and open the body and joints. Next, you are guided through active foam rolling to continue warming the muscles while providing a self myofascial release (deep massage). Class is rounded out with a deep stretch portion, where straps and other props are incorporated to allow deeper access into poses. You will leave this class feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated!